One-on-one Mentoring for college students on campus and off campus


  1.  Assisting in obtaining special education accommodations on college campuses
  2.  Providing case management
  3.  Facilitating socialization
  4.  Enhance self-determination, independence and self-advocacy skills

One-on-one Mentoring for High School students off campus

  • Providing an individualized program based on their needs to prepare each student for college life

One-on-One Mentoring for High School and College Students in Executive Functioning 


  • The student will complete the BRIEF-2 to determine the deficits and strengths in Executive Functioning
  • Provide one-on-one mentoring in executive functions such as time management, organization, study skills, self- monitoring and prioritizing   
  • Group Mentoring for College students
  • Experiential training in time management, organization, problem solving, communication with professors, participating in social activities and being  successful on the college campus
  • Group Mentoring for High School students
  • Experiential training in problem solving, becoming independent, enhancing self determination and self advocacy in order to be successful in college 
  • Parent Workshops

Providing information on:

  • Individual Transition Plans under Individuals with Disability Education Act
  • Important difference in special education accommodations provided in  college versus high school
  • Accommodations provided for students with special needs under the 504 Rehabilitation Act Laws under the Office For Civil Rights
  • Community Colleges in California
  • Placement tests
  • Description of agreements for transferring from California Community Colleges to California four year colleges
  • Nationwide colleges that offer special education support services
  • Time lines for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
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